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We love craft beer, ciders and natural wines - honestly, anything that has been crafted with love and passion, including food.  We love live music.  And we love to travel the world in search of these things. Since the two of us share the same passions, we decided to document our experiences through The Bitter Notes.  Although there might be a lot of traveling, we also want to showcase the local craft beer scene and music events around the country.

Karla Gironda
Co-Creator | Photographer | Writer

Photographer and Journalist born and raised in Curitiba, Brasil. Karla moved to Miami in 2014 and a year later she met her partner in crime, Alex Sanchez.  Her passions revolve around capturing behind-the-scenes images of music events and shooting the marvelous landscapes in Northern California. Aside from the photography, one of her favorite hobbies is to nurture and take care of her numerous succulents.

Alex Sanchez
Co-Creator | Writer | Editor

Environmental scientist, craft beer enthusiast, and music aficionado born and raised in South Florida. Currently, he is a greenhouse and field manager, taking care of crops like figs and kiwis, in Davis, CA. He is passionate about nature, live music, and traveling abroad thanks to his mother, that made travel an essential part of his childhood/adolescents.

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