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A journey through our passions

Some people say that to really get to know someone, the best thing to do is to travel with that person for like a week or so. And I couldn't agree more. Since the first time we met, Alex and I knew we had a lot in common, especially when it came to music preferences. As we began to share almost every single moment together and our first trips started happening, we knew we were in sync.

Throughout the years, we both realized that regardless of our backgrounds, we shared the same passions for music, beers and traveling the world. So why not start documenting all of it in a blog by combining my work as a photographer with his experience in the music industry.

We've been together for two years now and have had the opportunities to see some pretty impressive places like the enormously well-known New Belgium Brewing and the up-and-coming Mockery Brewing, both hailing from Colorado. Aside from breweries, which we have visited quite a few here in Florida, there's also the beer bars with their amazing selections from all over the world. Some exceptional examples are Tørst and Milk & Hops, both located in New York City, as well as Boxelder Craft Beer Market and Union Beer Store representing the city of Miami. These places not only sell beers, but they also promote a diverse range of events within their communities almost every week.

But to only talk about the beers we've consumed is simply not enough. We also want to document the process behind brewing and the stories of the people responsible for making all these beers come alive.

To be honest, when I first moved to Miami, my true passion was found in the music scene. After some email exchanges I began collaborating with local blogs by shooting concerts and sometimes writing reviews as well. At first it was just me, enjoying every single tune, while at the same time focused on capturing the best moments of bands like The Naked and Famous, Phantogram, and Hundred Waters. Soon enough Alex and I joined forces getting to see some of our favorite bands together. Some gigs were just for fun and some as a job. Sometimes both, such as the final edition of the beloved Big Guava Festival and last years III Points Music Festival, where we got to "discover" some of South Florida's finest artists.

But not everything will revolve around music and beer here, although those are very rich subjects. With the two of us being natural born explorers, we love sight-seeing as many places as possible. Ranging from the touristy to some of the least known locations. Oftentimes we have our trips planned out from A to Z and sometimes we just have a destination in mind. Whichever option it is, both are always incredible and unexpected.

To combine all three topics we love so dearly in this blog was a process that took a while for us to put together. Hopefully you will feel the same sensations that we do every time a new trip is planned, which could be to the other side of town or the world.

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